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Our #1 goal here at Skylab Prints is to bring 100% customer satisfaction. If you're unhappy with the outcome of your order, please contact us. We're happy to see if we can fix the issue. If you've uploaded your photo in a small resolution or lower DPI value, we unfortunately will not be able to issue a refund. We make it very clear that you MUST have a high resolution photograph to receive full quality results on your poster. We cannot be responsible for poor image quality resulting from inadequate resolution or improper exposure. In addition, please preview your images to ensure that the crop/final settings are to your liking before placing your order. These features include orientation/cropping of your image. 

We typically deliver in 6-12 business days. Please keep in mind that weather, holidays and certain conditions can change the delivery date. We do our best to get the print out as fast as we can, but we do factor in real life speed bumps that can slow down delivery time. Thanks for understanding!

You must have the legal right to all of the images you upload with Skylab. Images provided to you by professional photographers, without license and release granted by the photographer, or made available through websites, magazines, books, social media platforms or other resources are protected by copyright laws and should not be uploaded or shared in any fashion. 

Unfortunately, what is objectionable to some is simply artistic expression to others; the distinction is not always clear. Most of our work consists of automotive photography, portraits, and more. We understand that there's a degree of artistic touch to these photos, but we will not print anything that promotes violence, pornography, genitals or anything sexually explicit.

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